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Wild West Shows

Don’t have enough space? Tight budget? The Wild West Show is a great option for your event. We can customize a show to fit your needs and your wallet!

Trick and Fancy Riding, Roman Riding, Dancing Horses, Liberty Horses – It is true family entertainment.

Emily and Justin have been trick riding for almost 8 years and have been featured all over the Eastern United States from Florida to New Jersey. The children are a huge asset to our show but also to other rodeo contractors and many fairs.

Jessica Hedrick has been roman riding for over 7 years and plays an integral role in both the Rodeo Company and the Wild West Shows.

Willard Powell of Bonifay, Florida is also a part of our Wild West Show.  He presents a colorful and exciting performance as The Lone Indian Chief. Combining the native American Culture with his knowledge of training horses, Willard began his performance with a black and white trick horse “The Ghost Dancer”. Willard and “The Ghost Dancer” do a tribute to the Native American “Ghost Dance Religion” by presenting several dance maneuvers, and ends the performance by Ghost Dancer walking on his hind legs.

In late 2009, Willard took the new Liberty Team (two Black and White American Paint Horses) started a new act “The Lone Lone Indian Chief and the War Ponies”. He began traveling and showing his new act “The Lone Indian Chief and the War Ponies” along with the Trick Horse “The Ghost Dancer” in early 2010.